EMPAWR pawrfect fit plan (PFP)

at EMPAWR, we value the special bond you share with your furry friend. recognizing that one year of a dog's life is equivalent to seven human years, we want to support you in cherishing every moment with your growing pup. that's why we are proud to offer the "pawrfect fit plan" - a pupper progression plan to promote comfort and support for your furry friends as they grow. 

what is EMPAWR's pawrfect fit plan (PFP)?

you can replace your EMPAWR dog collar for a larger size within one year of purchase, no matter the style or size you originally bought. whether it's due to growth or health concerns, we believe in supporting you and your pup throughout every stages of life.

how can I apply for this plan?

apply for our pawrfect fit plan by simply emailing us at emTeam@gmail.com and one of our customer specialists will reach out to you to initiate the exchange process.

what is the cost?

affordable upgrade with EMPAWR’s pawrfect fit promise - exchange your EMPAWR dog collar for a larger size for just the cost of shipping. shipping fees are calculated based on your location, at a discounted flat shipping rate of $5.99 USD for U.S. addresses and $8.99 CAD for canadian addresses.

how about used dog collars?

give back with the pawrfect fit promise - you can either keep, donate, or return your old EMPAWR collar to us. if you choose to return it, we will help donate it to local charities, prolonging the life cycle of the product! shipping fees for returns are covered by the customer.