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Empawr x Hudson’s Bay Pop-Up Experience | PawrTalk

When we officially launched Empawr dogswear in March 2022 this year as a lifestyle brand to empower dogs through quality products, we couldn’t have dreamed of an opportunity like this to come in just a few months after the debut

Hi pawrents, dog lovers, and everyone else (?!) We thought blogging would be a great way to communicate with our dear fur children’s moms and dads, and to everyone who would like to follow us on Empawr dogwear’s brand milestones!


Empawr Dogswear’s Hudson’s Bay Pop-Up

On September 5th, 2022 we were invited to be a part of Local MRKT x Hudson’s Bay Oakville Vendor Pop-Up. This was the first MRKT with HBC with a high volume of inquiries for this MRKT. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to be invited and to showcase our selected products for the first time in store

As an independent brand and a two-person full-time EmTeam, this was a significant milestone and we look forward to many more milestones to come! 


Pop-Up Preparation

The two-day event was held on October 15th & 16th, 2022, and in a-month-and-a-half, we had to figure things OUT! 

Including, how our pop-up was going to look like to portray our #DogsAreFam community experience, what we can offer to those who came by and said Hi (!), and the overall look and feel of the brand we have been trying to bring to life – quality, expressive Paw Wear For Your Fur Child.

Nevertheless, we put our heads (and arms for all the heavy lifting) together (along with events-experienced friends of ours – a huge thank you, thank you, thank you), and in the tight schedule, we could say that we’ve made it according to planned and a successful first Empawr Pop-Up Experience.

The greatest self-proclaimed accomplishment? Perhaps pushing our hoodies forward just in time so that they’ve made it to the event as seen live on our @empawr.official stories.


A video is worth a thousand words. Well, here you have it. Here’s a raw video of our Hudson’s Bay booth before the department store opened: Link


We hope you spotted the thoughtful touches including:

  • Our welcoming bulletin board that features our #EmpawrDogswear community
  • Our “Only Child” pins to thank everyone who came by and said Hi (!)
  • Our children’s hangers and rack because what brand calls themselves “Paw Wear For Your Fur Child” without using these?
  • Instagram frame for the gram
  • Among other details? 


Thank You to ALL Who Came and Said Hi! 

Thank you everyone who came and said Hi at Empawr’s Hudson’s Bay Pop-Up! In all, we really wanted to document this special event in the form of a blog post to express our gratitude to Local Mrkt and Hudson’s Bay who made this possible and to our valued followers who have followed us along our journey. 

Your likes, comments, shares, feedback is what keeps the EmTeam going and strive for improvement.


Reflecting Back and Looking Forward – FETCHing Opportunities!

If looking back we were to ask ourselves what is our biggest takeaway from this event?

It would be that with every opportunity is an opportunity to learn and improve what we’ve done, in hopes to become a better brand and bring more exciting products to our dog community, today and in the future, with love.

We look forward to more offline event opportunities that throws at us to meet you all in person – we’ll FETCH it good! ‘Til then! We’ll be of reach whenever via @empawr.official 😊







Empawr is a Toronto-based independent dog brand dedicated to creating expressive, one-of-a-kind, quality dog clothes and accessoriesWith selectively-made dog clothes and accessories of unique products of expression that showcase the extension of their and your lifestyle, we make city walks and park visits a fun and joyful runway for both you and your dog.

Thanks for dropping by, it’s so nice to WOOH you! Follow us at @empawr.official on Instagram!

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