🌴 City Collection by Empawr

Minimal and Statement Dog Walk Essentials. Durable and Waterproof. Option for Hands-Free Walk.

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🎙 Wear Your Attitude

💌 ID Tags

Trendy and Quality-Made Dog ID Tags. Personalized Engraving Available. Our Custom Engraved Dog ID Tag is Guaranteed to Last.

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💞 Matching Walk Kits

Fashionable and Functional Dog Walk Kits, All-in-One. Perfect Bundle for Your Dog Walk Needs.

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🦋 Dog Leashes

Fashionable and Functional Dog Leashes. Perfect for Every Day Walks. Different Lengths Available. Additional D-Ring for Poop Bag Attachment.

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💍 Dog Collars

Fashionable Dog Collars. Perfect for Every Day Wear. Different Sizes Available. Best Paired with Empawr Personality Dog Tags.

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Give A Bark 🐕

Celebrate Dog's Individuality and Personality 🤘💖

High-Quality Comfy Fashion for Modern Dogs with #attitude

We are a team of entrepreneurial animal lovers who followed our hearts to create dog clothes and accessories for our dogs and yours. And we are here to do this right #withstyle.

Our mission: to create pieces that reflect individuality and personality, as an extension of their and your personal style.

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