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🎙 let your fur-bae’s personality bark loud and proud with our custom pet tags.

it’s time to show off their character with exclusive designs as distinct as their unique identity.

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  • step 1: choose your pet ID tag

  • step 2: fill customization details

  • step 3: free laser engraving

about our custom pet tags

EMPAWR specializes in creating high-quality and playful custom pet tags that truly capture your pet's personality. from our original "cute as fluff pet id tag" to "mama's boy pet id tag" and "only child pet id tag," we offer a diverse range of designs for every special pet.

how EMPAWR custom pet tags are pawisitively different

we use high-quality zinc alloy as the material for our custom pet tags.

  • durability: zinc alloy is known for its durability, making it resistant to wear and tear, ideal for items like dog tags that need to withstand various conditions.
  • corrosion resistance: zinc alloy metals are less prone to corrosion, ensuring the dog tags remain intact even when exposed to moisture or harsh environments.
  • lightweight: zinc alloys are lightweight, making them comfortable for pets to wear without causing discomfort or hindrance.
  • customization: zinc alloys can be easily molded and engraved, allowing for intricate designs and personalized information to be added to the dog tags.
  • recyclability: zinc is highly recyclable, meaning that zinc alloy can often be reused or repurposed. recycling minimizes waste for a healthy planet.

custom laser engraving for your pet tag

customize your pet's tag with custom laser engraving, allowing up to 4 lines of information. adding details such as your pet's name and your phone number ensures a quick return if your pet is ever lost. our precise and clear laser engraving guarantees fade-resistant markings even after years of use.

fast north american shipping

as an independent brand specializing in dog clothes, accessories, and custom pet tags, we understand the excitement of receiving your new pet tag. enjoy fast north american shipping on all our products.

excellent customer satisfaction

your satisfaction is our priority. we consider ourselves a movement and a journey, always open to feedback and improvement. join us in creating products you love and empowering the next generation of dog parents to express dog's individuality and personality.