Collection: custom pet tags: food collection

welcome to our "foodie" FOOD CUSTOM PET TAGS collection, where every tag is a joyful delight! because who said pet tags can't be as delightful as a delicious snack? get ready to treat your furry friend to a feast of designs that are as delectable, unique and fun as they are.

these tags are not just identifiers; they're a celebration of your pet's quirky personality and the sheer joy they bring to your life.

🐾 BRB, grabbing a snack after this custom pet tags launch! 🍕🍩🍭

custom pet tags: food collection
  • step 1: choose your pet ID tag

    choose your custom pet ID tag from dozens of exclusive designs and come with beautiful packaging.

  • step 2: fill customization details

    fill your customization details up to 4 lines of information on your quality and playful new pet ID tag.

  • step 3: free laser engraving

    you recieve free laser engraving service for your new pet ID tag and your order will ship within 3 business days.

about our custom pet tags

EMPAWR specializes in designing quality and playful custom pet tags that truly capture your dog's individuality and personality. from our "cute as fluff pet id tag" to "mama's boy pet id tag" and "only child pet id tag," we offer a diverse range of designs for every special pet.

at EMPAWR, our custom pet tags are more than accessories—they're exclusively designed, functional, and stylish. meticulously crafted from metal, silver or gold plating, and hard enamel, our pet tags speak quality and durability.

silver or gold plated pet tags: we use silver or gold plating to add an extra layer of elegance, providing a luxurious finish to our pet tags.

hard enamel pet tags: we use hard enamel to add vibrant colors, making each of our pet tags a unique expression of your pet's individuality and personality.

custom laser engraving for your pet tag

personalize your pet's tag with custom laser engraving, allowing up to 4 lines of information. adding details such as your pet's name and your phone number ensures a quick return if your pet is ever lost. our precise and clear laser engraving guarantees fade-resistant markings even after years of use.

fast north american shipping

as an independent brand specializing in dog clothes, accessories, and custom pet tags, we understand the excitement of receiving your new pet tag. enjoy fast north american shipping on all our products.

excellent customer satisfaction

your satisfaction is our priority. we consider ourselves a movement and a journey, always open to feedback and improvement. join us in creating products you love and empowering the next generation of dog parents to express dog's individuality and personality.