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Hi, welcome to EMPAWR!

At EMPAWR, we believe that dog personality and individuality should be celebrated. That's why we create premium and playful dog clothes and accessories that are an extension of your personal style.

Together with the next generation of dog owners, we're here to make a movement. A movement where the owners can show off their fur baes' unique personalities.

Join us today and give your dog a Bark!

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Design with love and knowledge.
Born in Toronto in 2021 and founded by two best friends who met each other in the fashion capital of New York City, EMPAWR is an independent dog brand dedicated to creating premium and playful dog clothes and accessories that express dog personality and individuality, as an extension of your personal style.

Follow comfortable fashion.
We believe that choosing dog clothes and accessories is about you and your dog's personality. With fashion, quality is often at stake. We’re driven to change that. Our journey started with a manufacturer that produces children’s clothing for European brands, where we worked together on developing the best textile technique that is comfortable and fashionable for fur children.

Look, listen and act.
We followed our hearts to create expressive, personality-inspired products for our dogs and yours. Listening to our community is the key to making this happen.

Creating a community.
As we continue to improve and evolve, we are grateful for our established community of dog parents for inspiration and feedback to create products they love.

Join the #EMPAWRbae movement. Follow Us on Instagram at @empawr.official and on Facebook. Welcome to the fam.


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