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What is Empawr?

Empawr is a dog clothes and accessories brand based in Toronto, Canada! Our mission is to create dogswear that are expressive, one-of-a-kind, and of the best quality for our fur children. 

How did the Empawr Brand Journey Begin?

S & L both went to study in New York City and met at work. When L first saw S, she had purple ombre hair and thought, damn, she’s the one of the most fashionable girls she’s seen. Fast-forward, L bought her first ripped skirt, leather jacket and dyed her hair silver (this was back in 2018 when it was a thing). Sorry. Side-tracked.

Ok. So they became best friends, graduated, and went separate directions. Eventually, L moved to Toronto and S to Shanghai.

Then one day, L said to S, “I can’t find a good-looking, high-quality toy for my cat, we should start a business together.”

S, with her love for pets and who has always wanted to start a business in the pets industry replied, “Let’s create quality and aesthetic clothes and accessories crafted for our bestie fur children.”

And THAT, our dear reader, is really where everything all began.

Why E-m-p-a-w-r?

S & L both believe that choosing the look of clothes or accessories is also about being able to express ourselves—the same for our fur children.

Choosing a name and its respective logo was not easy for sure. We had all sorts of ideas. Urban Woof (certainly has seen it somewhere before either consciously or subconsciously), Petapparel, and alas

(Search Registration

YAS. It perfectly stands for what we believe. *High-Five.* Submit.

Next, we designed the logo.

Empawr Logo

Our logo stands for E-M-P-A-W-R, our love for dogs, and our design for fur babies—thank you S’s designer friend for bringing our vision to life (and our countless revisions to see every possible scenario X, Y and Z before we made a decision), and of course, our friends and families who have contributed to the decision.

But down to the very core, Empawr stands for: 


We want to EMPOWER pets to be seen and treated as children and part of our fam (thank you L’s kittie Moona and S’s doggie Luca for all the snuggles during the pandemic, our quarter-life crisis, and you name it, and always being so upbeat not matter what) by caring for what they use or wear—hence our tagline, Paw Wear for Your Fur Child.

Additionally, all our products are of exclusive design. In our product selections, you’ll find items designed by independent designers and created with quality material.

Where is Empawr Going?

We just began, and there is SO MUCH to explore as we listen carefully to the desires of fur child’s fam, or "Em-hooman" ;) community, we wish to bring your desired products to life.

In the end, we are staying true to our core belief—pets are part of our family, and we want to provide them with quality and stylish products, to celebrate our every day with them and show our gratitude for all the happiness and joy they've brought to our lives.

We can’t wait, and we hope the same for you. We Look forward to meeting you and your fur children on our Instagram community page at @empawr.official 

Thanks for reading, and see you there!


*P.S. Special thanks to our dear friend T for keeping up with social media, W for sourcing cards and these amazing waterproof Vinyl stickers that come with every packaging, and many, many more friends and families for your input and support! 








Empawr is a Toronto-based independent dog brand dedicated to creating expressive, one-of-a-kind, quality dog clothes and accessories. With selectively-made dog clothes and accessories of unique products of expression that showcase the extension of their and your lifestyle, we make city walks and park visits a fun and joyful runway for both you and your dog.

Thanks for dropping by, it’s so nice to WOOH you! Follow us at @empawr.official on Instagram!


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Hi Sharyn, thanks a lot for commenting :) At Empawr, we always love and appreciate insights from dog owners (say hi 👋 for us to miss boxer). In fact, we had some ideas about diapers but still in exploration. While we continue to expand our portfolio, make sure to follow @empawr.official on Instagram to stay tuned for our new product launches. Have a great day!


I am looking for your diapers and cannit find
have you decided not ti make this product?
I need a female for my small boxer.
Thank youđŸ€©

Sharyn Kahlden

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